LifePoints Review 2022– Is it Legit or Scam?

LifePoints Review 2022: LifePoints is a popular survey website for those who are looking to earn rewards for their opinions.

Participating in surveys is an easy and effective way to earn money at your home.

There are a lot of positive and negative options on the market, so it is important to be careful when choosing.

LifePoints Review 2022


What Is LifePoints?

LifePoints is a completely free online platform that offers rewards for taking part in surveys and other tasks – such as mini-polls and product testing and tracking your behavior. They have more than 5 million members across 40 nations and have distributed more than 22 million dollars to members during the last year!

LifePoints is run by Lightspeed, a company that is owned by Kantar Group – who just happens to be the biggest global company for consumer research and analysis globally. The company was established in 1946 as National Family Opinion, the company launched its first consumer survey in 1946. Today, LifePoints serves as a platform for market research, and provides consumers with the chance to influence the direction of services and products through their voice.

It’s as simple as this:

  • Company X would like to learn more about the preferences of consumers
  • They contract with Lightspeed to develop an online survey, analyse and collect the information
  • The survey is distributed at LifePoints members who meet the criteria for the intended audience
  • People who are eligible for and take the survey and successfully complete it earn LifePoints
  • Members can use their LifePoints to purchase gifts cards, PayPal credits, or donation to charity

Rewards rates differ by survey. Some might be able to pay 60 LifePoints whereas others can pay 350.

What is LifePoints worth? It’s all in the method you use to redeem them…but they range between 8.3 to 9.09 cents for each. In simple terms, you can usually redeem 550 LifePoints for the equivalent of a gift card worth $5.

LifePoints expire after 3 years from the time they are earned or after 12 months without account activity. If you decide to stop participating in LifePoints be sure to pay in your points prior to the time that 12 months have passed.

Is LifePoints Legit?

It’s true, LifePoints is a legitimate online rewards system for everyone older than 18. If you can complete the survey successfully and earn the promised points. Once you’ve earned sufficient points, your rewards will be real.

Participate in Surveys and Get paid Earn real cash to take surveys when you register for a free account on LifePoints! Start with the mobile Get started on desktop Start on desktop

How to Earn Money with LifePoints

Taking Surveys

There are many methods to earn LifePoints however, these surveys online are what’s the mainstay for the website. You can take advantage of available surveys by logging into the LifePoints website. They’re located at the top of the page. LifePoints will send out invitations to surveys monthly via email.

As I said before that the reward rates vary according to the survey. I received offers starting at 60 points as well as even 350 points. The longer surveys usually award more points.

The majority of surveys begin with a set of basic demographic and behavioral questions that are designed to establish whether you are in the right group. When you’re sure, you’ll proceed through the remainder of the questionnaire. If not, you’re removed from the survey and sent to the conclusion.

Signing Up

You’ll get 10 LifePoints by registering and validating your email address, and another 10 when you answer some questions about your family members to connect your survey options.

Product Testing

At times LifePoints will occasionally mail members products that they can test at home before reviewing. It’s a great opportunity to experience hands-on using a brand new product, while receiving rewards.

Recording Behaviors

LifePoints can send members their to keep a diary of their behavior and ask for them to track the frequency they perform certain activities. The information is used to guide the development of products or services.

For instance, in the course of a survey I got 1,000 points for recording the transactions I made using the credit card during the month.

Getting Paid

Once you’ve earned sufficient points You can redeem them to purchase one of:

  • Credit card for PayPal
  • Electronic gift card
  • Charitable donation

What is the minimum number of points needed? If you’d like to donate $1.80 to UNICEF it is possible to make it happen for only 205 points. To purchase the same amount as an Amazon gift card you’ll need 555 points. The most basic PayPal credit you are able to claim is $10 and is worth 1,200 points. (*Please keep in mind that the worth of LifePoints can alter at any time. )

If you’re looking for the most value from your LifePoints, then redeeming them to purchase a gift card or an amount of charity that is at most $5 is the option (the $1.80 UNICEF donation yields just a bit less). If you choose to redeem using this method, LifePoints are worth about 9 cents per.

If you like the flexibility in cash may redeem your points for the benefit of a PayPal credit at a slightly lower amount: 8.3 cents for each point. Make sure that the email address you used to sign up with LifePoints must be the same as the email address of your PayPal email. If it isn’t then you’ll have to add the LifePoints email address to PayPal. PayPal account.

If you redeem it as a gift card, or PayPal credit, it can be up to 10 business days for you to be able to receive it.

Advantages of LifePoints

You know how long the Surveys Will Take and How Much you’ll earn The survey topics aren’t announced prior to time, however the estimated time to finish and the rate of rewards are. This is essential since you’re aware of the time commitment you’re making as well as what the reward will be. If you’ve only got just a few minutes then you can focus on 5-minute surveys, making sure you leave the big 30-minute ones to another day.

Earn Rewards Rapidly I like the fact the fact that it is possible to redeem Your LifePoints to buy the gift card you want with just 500 points. In reality, you can get that in one week.

Flexible Redemption Choices If it’s time to redeem your LifePoints, you can select from a variety of well-known gift card options (Amazon, Groupon, iTunes and many more) or the option of a PayPal credit or a donation to a charity. The variety of options means that there’s something for every person.

Potential to influence Impact on Product and Service Development – This might not matter to your needs, however a few people enjoy the idea of helping to inform the process of developing products and services.

Disadvantages of LifePoints

It could be difficult to qualify The goal of surveys is to help with research into market trends, and often companies that host these surveys are seeking input from a particular segment of individuals. The initial few questions generally check if you’re part of this category. If not then you are removed and do not earn the LifePoints. If this happens multiple times in the same row, it could become annoying.

I tried a variety of surveys, but only got two of them. In one instance I was denied after about five minutes of answering questions. That’s a pain! The good thing is that you generally get two LifePoints in exchange for doing your best, but this may not be the case all the time.

Limits on Earning Other paid survey sites, such as SwagBucks offer many methods to make points. In case you’re not interested in surveys however, you can still earn points for shopping online, watching videos or even watching videos. It’s not the case with LifePoints. It’s mostly surveys, with occasional opportunities for testing products or monitoring.

It takes time to Earn Rewards While you could accrue enough points and receive rewards quickly It can take approximately 10 business days to get the gift card or PayPal credit after you have redeemed.

There is no mobile App It appears that LifePoints had mobile apps, but it’s since been canceled to be replaced by the website. This is unfortunate as a lot of people prefer an app instead of opening the website using their mobile device. The good news is that LifePoints surveys are designed for smartphones; I had no problems taking surveys with the iPhone 8.

Who is LifePoints Best For?

  • People who enjoy sharing Their Views Because LifePoints is mostly an online survey platform is ideal for people who enjoy answering polls and sharing thoughts.
  • Users Looking to Earn some extra cash If you’re eager to make a few dollars in the nick of time paying surveys can be an easy and non-commitment option to do so.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have the time to pursue a side Hustle I’ll be honestwith you: I don’t believe surveying for money is the best way to spend time for anyone looking to build money. However, not everyone who is in need of extra cash is able to commit to some kind of side hustle or part-time job. LifePoints are able to fit into the most busy of lives. Just 5 minutes here or there can eventually accumulate.

Who Should Avoid LifePoints?

  • People who are impatient If you’re not a person with patience, you may be annoyed when you need to complete several surveys before you are able to qualify. It is probably best to stay clear of LifePoints and go for a system similar to MyPointsthat offers rewards for other online activities, such as watching videos or browsing.
  • People Expecting Big Cash Paid survey websites can be a great method to earn a few extra bucks, but you are not likely of earning a decent amount from the sites. If you want to earn substantial money should consider creating a profitable side business rather than taking surveys online.
  • Anyone who isn’t interested in giving their opinion The site LifePoints is mostly surveys, as well as, in a lesser amount testing of products and monitoring. If you aren’t comfortable the process of sharing your thoughts and views this isn’t the place for you.

The Verdict: Is LifePoints Worth Your Time?

To determine whether LifePoints is the right choice for you, consider answering one question that is the most important Are you a fan of answering surveys?

In contrast to other sites that offer paid surveys, LifePoints doesn’t reward its users by watching videos, playing or making purchases on the internet. To be able to benefit from it you must be willing to give your opinions by taking part in surveys. It is sometimes difficult to get a good score, so it is important to take your time as well.

Another thing to think about is how much time you have, and the seriousness with which you go about making cash. If you are blessed with short periods of time to spare and you want to earn a few dollars, surveys can help fill in the gaps.

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