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GameFly Review 2022: It can be expensive to buy video games. However, if you are a budget-minded gamer looking to reduce the amount of games you own and save money, GameFly may be an option. Monthly subscriptions offer a curated selection for gamers and movie lovers alike. There are thousands of titles available, including used and new video games for Xbox Series X and Xbox 360.

GameFly’s huge library includes popular new releases as well as nostalgic video games that are hard to find. There is also a wide selection of DVD and Blu-ray rentals.

GameFly, which is similar to Netflix in its early days sends you physical copies of video games and movies. Subscribers can select titles from the GameFly website. They’ll be mailed to you via First-Class Mail in approximately 2-5 business days (Warning: Customers have had longer wait times). You can keep your movie or game for as long as you like, and then return it free of charge using the pre-paid mailers.

GameFly Review 2022


How GameFly work?

GameFly, a subscription service, allows you to rent movies and console games by mail. Most people use GameFly for entertainment purposes only, as there are restrictions on how many movies or games you can rent.

Here’s how GameFly works.

  1. Get a free trial , and choose a subscription level.
  2. Add games to your “Queue”, ranked by preference.
  3. GameFly will automatically send the games that you select in an order based on your rank and game availability.
  4. You can quit the game at any time and continue the game .
Get video games delivered to your door with GameFly

How much does GameFly cost?

GameFly’s pricing structure can be a little confusing.

You’ll have three choices as a new member:

  1. Get a 30-day free trial.
  2. For $8.95 per month, get three months of one disc at a time.
  3. Three months of two discs at a time, $13.95/month

You have two options:

  1. One-Disc Plan: $15.95/month.
  2. Two-Disc Plan: $22.95/month.

After two months of paying to subscribe you will be eligible for two additional upgrades:

  1. Three-Disc Plan: $29.95/month.
  2. Four-Disc Plan: $36.95/month.

Once you have a subscription, you can “downgrade”, which is $8.95/month, to a budget plan. However, this restricts your ability to rent any games that were released within the last four months.

The One-Disc Plan is $15.95 per month for most people. Before you reach for your wallet, let’s address the real question in your mind.

GameFly Review 2022: Is it worth it?

Let’s see how GameFly compares to other options in order to decide if it is worth the investment. Below is a table that shows how GameFly compares to Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, and buying games directly.

GameFly vs. purchasing new games

GameFly can save you a lot of money if you don’t own a game you want to play.

New games can cost as much as $70 right now, enough to cover four months of GameFly. You can rent seven of the latest releases for four months and still have enough time to play them all, even if you only spend one month playing a long RPG.

You’ll save more than $100 per month if you rent new titles through GameFly, instead of purchasing them. After four months, you will have enough savings to purchase a Steam Deck.

You don’t get the advantage. Consider this: Once you’ve decided you like the game that you are renting, a used copy of the game will be available on GameFly for $15 – effectively paying for your subscription.

GameFly vs. Game Pass

When you compare GameFly with the “digital rental” services, the competition is even more fierce.

Xbox Game Pass is a $10 per month subscription that allows you to download Xbox and PC games from an ever-growing library of 100+ AAA titles and indie titles. Microsoft has started to release first-party titles on Game Pass, such as Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon. Some have called Game Pass the best gaming deal.

There is no “but” – GameFly has a much lower value proposition to Xbox gamers. The best new games on the platform are usually from Microsoft and launch on Game Pass. If you are an Xbox-exclusive player, GameFly is the best option.

GameFly vs.

PlayStation Now allows you to stream older PlayStation games back to the PS2 era for just $10 per month. Over 800 titles are currently available. Although your inputs must travel all the way from your controller to a remote server, it is almost impossible to notice the delay.

There are two reasons why PlayStation gamers might prefer GameFly to GameNow.

  1. Consistency is the first. In-game framerate drops or input delays will indicate that your internet connection speed has dropped temporarily. It’s game over if your connection drops. This is obviously less problematic if you are playing a disc/hard drive game.
  2. This is the second category. These are new releases. You can either pay $70 to get the next God Of War game on day one or subscribe to GameFly.
Get video games delivered to your door with GameFly

Can GameFly save you money?

?GameFly’s ability to save money will depend on the type of gamer you play:

GameFly could save you hundreds of dollars if you…

GameFly is the best way to get new-release gaming without spending $60 to $70 each.

You can save $100+ per month by renting one to two games instead of buying them.

GameFly might not be worth the cost if…

GameFly is not worth the money if you don’t focus on new releases or are still playing through a large back catalog.

You can access multiple games at once with Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now, instead of just one to two per month through GameFly. You can purchase old games for $5 to $20 since they depreciate in price like open milk.

Remember, GameFly gives you one month of free help if you are still undecided.

These are some tips to help you maximize your free trial

How do I make the most of my free trial?

It takes a little bit of strategy to maximize the value of your GameFly subscription and your free trial.

  1. Do not wait until you find several new releases that interest you. GameFly rents new games at the best value. I was able to rent three next-gen games in my trial, which saved me $240+ tax.
  2. Ship on Mondays. By putting your games in the mail by Monday morning, USPS has enough time to get your new game out the next day.
  3. Drop off your games at the postal office. This could cut down on transit times by a day if you live close to a USPS dropbox or a post office. It is also safer.
  4. Create a reminder on your calendar for the day that your free trial ends. Don’t let a trial expire and then auto-pay for a subscription you don’t use. Set a reminder on your calendar to review your decision within 29 days, even if GameFly is something you love.
  5. Don’t cancel your order too soon. GameFly is very serious about ending a relationship. If you cancel within the first 19 days, they won’t allow you to keep your games for an additional 11 days. They will cancel your account right away and charge you for any games that they don’t return within seven days.

Is it worth the $15.95 to $22.95 price difference after your trial ends? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the service before we make a decision.

GameFly Review 2022 pros and cons

GameFly pros

  • You can play new releases without spending $70. GameFly, unless they launch on Xbox Game Pass is the only way to test new releases without having to commit to their full MSRP. You can rent two next-gen titles per month for $15.95, or $140 plus tax.
  • Convenience. GameFly ships your games direct to your home, and I have never had any issues with scratched discs.
  • If you buy, you can save bundles. GameFly sells the best pre-owned games, with $50 games selling within weeks and older games selling for less than half the price of a Chipotle burrito.

GameFly cons

  • Shipping times. You can expect to wait between four and five days for your next GameFly game.
  • Uncertain availability. GameFly’s availability ratings of LOW (MEDIUM) and HIGH (High) are vague. A SHIPS BY date would be more useful.
  • Pricey. GameFly costs $16 to $22 per month. This is higher than Netflix, Xbox Now, and Xbox Ultimate Game Pass.

GameFly Review 2022 Summary:

GameFly is both more expensive than digital subscription services such as PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, and also more archaic. Although GameFly’s website is modern and sleek, shipping physical discs via snail mail to other countries is definitely 2002.

GameFly, however, is the only way to play new releases without having to pay $70 per pop. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to save money on the latest, next-gen games.

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