LinkedIn Learning Review 2021 – How It’s Changing, What It’s Worth, & What You Need to Know

LinkedIn Learning Review 2021: LinkedIn Learning is one of the leading online learning platform, It offers 16,000+ courses in Business, Creative and Technology subjects. It has a growing community of 700+ million users in more than 200 countries worldwide.

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LinkedIn Learning Review 2021


What’s New with LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning launched in March 2016, with an aim to bring classroom learning into the hands of everyone.

The community of LinkedIn has over 700 million users from across the world, who engage with each other in business and professional conversations. This on-line network gives them access to jobs and opportunities in the world’s top companies.

The platform has been supporting the learners and professionals with their academic and professional needs. LinkedIn Learn started with marketing and analytics to now offering a variety of courses for professionals and skill trainers, available for the skill set they desire.

The platform has gone from strength to strength, with a revenue run rate of over 1.

Discover the 20 Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses of the Year

How Does It Work?

If you’re a registered LinkedIn user, all you need to do is login with your credentials and you can access all the available courses from the platform. It’s free and easy and makes great use of LinkedIn insights to customize learning experience, it’s the largest network of professionals in the world. As a premium account holder, you can expand access to additional resources and enterprise-level curriculum. There’s a complete search function so that you can easily find courses based on the subject, status and location of your instructor. There’s an integration with LinkedIn Learning powered by DreamLabs to show live streaming of courses on the go.

LinkedIn Learning is compatible with all devices and platforms.

Learn anywhere, anytime

With over 35 million business professionals with over half a billion followers on LinkedIn, LinkedIn is the ideal platform to promote your courses. To promote your courses, you can join LinkedIn Learning Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or YouTube Ads with LinkedIn Education Ads, thereby leveraging the reach of LinkedIn and the significant reach of the LinkedIn Learning Community of 800 million members worldwide.

Get more visibility

An increasing number of members now use LinkedIn to discover courses and enhance their skills, showing how the platform is becoming a rich source of learning resources. Join LinkedIn Learning Ads, LinkedIn Affinity Marketing, or set up LinkedIn Student Groups to discover the talents of members and potentially discover highly skilled members.

LinkedIn Learning – Free Trial

Techies in London, LinkedIn Lending is probably the best place to learn more about latest and popular tech-centric subjects. It includes courses which covers topics like UX, Computer Science, Computer Programming, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Marketing. It also provides special courses like Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development and so on. It also offers mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

LinkedIn Learning Review 2021: This online learning platform has produced some amazing content. However, it does have some faults. For instance, its courses are generally pretty expensive. Also, it is pretty difficult to search for the topics which are interesting to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you are just starting your career, LinkedIn Learning Course offers a free platform to begin your learning journey.

It also has four paid plans which provide advanced training and content.

Here are the complete pricing details of all the above plan:

Free: A free version of LinkedIn Learning. It does not include advanced features like LMS support, virtual labs, and teacher support.

$19.99 Per Month: All Professional and Enterprise plans provide virtual labs, Smart learning paths, LMS integration, and teacher support.

Professional (Learning Designer): Professional plan which provides access to all professional learning features, which include Virtual Learning Labs, Augmented Reality, Skill VR, live and on-demand, and Business Chat support.

Who is it For?

The primary audience for LinkedIn Learning 2021 is the employee or learners of the enterprises who want to stay ahead in the game. It enables the employees and jobseekers to learn something new and use it effectively in their careers.

It is suitable for learners who are aiming to upgrade their career with specialized course that includes a mix of the digital content. It offers 4 steps for growth on a continuous basis. The courses offered through LinkedIn Learning are free to the users and they can apply for a premium membership.

Linkedin has an active team of researchers, professional trainers, and subject matter experts to help students get started with their choice of courses.

What is the Future of LinkedIn Learning?

1) LinkedIn is Now Offering Live Online Courses

LinkedIn is not just for professional networking anymore. With so many courses already available, you can really start to hone your skills. You can become a well-rounded professional, and learn about different fields of study. There are a number of different courses on LinkedIn Learning, for a wide range of interests.

2) Student Support

This is an area that LinkedIn takes very seriously. With so many courses now available, you will have a lot of different learning tools at your disposal. You can get immediate guidance from the LinkedIn support team, on how to get the most from your learning experience. In addition, you will receive helpful tutorials on how to make use of all the different features available.

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