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Loom Screen Recorder Review 2022: Loom is an application that you initially dismiss by saying “I could do that with 100 other apps” “… only to be enthralled by it once you get started using it. It’s exactly what happened with me.

Loom is an app for recording screens that is designed for making it easy to record and share videos from the screen (or camera) with other users. Although it’s not as complicated as it may appear, it has completely transformed my method of working and helped me stay clear of many Zoom meetings.

It appears that I’m not even just one of them.

If you look at their site is clear that their primary objective isn’t to just provide a screen and video recording tool. Loom intends to be the future of how users communicate in workplaces that have hybrid environments where remote working is a common practice.

Loom Screen Recorder Review 2022


What is the process behind Loom function?

It’s easy to start using Loom. It’s built on two fundamental elements: a web application which gives you full control over the videos you upload and an application for recording screens which you’ll use to record the videos.

When you’re done with your video recording, it will appear on the web interface and is ready for you to share. The process is extremely fast. Once you press the stop button, the webpage that displays the video instantly opens without waiting to encode, process or anything else.

Let’s go through each part individually.

Video recording using Loom

It’s simple, just go to the Loom Download page and download Loom (The native application and NOT Loom as a Chrome extensions).

Once you have installed it After you install it, once you have installed it, Loom icon will be at the top right-hand corner of your screen ready to go.

Beginning from now, anytime you’re ready to record your next loom video simply select the icon or your shortcut key – in order to open the recorder. It appears like the following (on the mac):

The recording Interface

As you can observe it, the UI is extremely clean. In the beginning, you need to select the source for your video. This is among the features I love particularly about Loom.

When I am communicating with my team or client, I would like to personalize the communication. A screen recording of a simple nature isn’t personal, however. Loom, as a default allows you to record your camera and screen together. The result is quite nice and looks great:

After you have started recording your video the circle that is centered with the camera will be moved around to match the screen by hovering it. This gives you more control over how your video loom will look:

The controls are all in real-time while you record your loom videos. Any modification is immediately applied. In general you shouldn’t alter these settings during recording, which is why I suggest setting everything prior to you start your screen recording.

If you’re not confident do not worry you can choose that you will only capture your computer screen using no camera.

Loom can also let you choose whether you would like to record the entire screen, just a certain window, or a customized portion that is the size of your screen. This is pretty standard on the market for video recording software.

You can set the source of input for your audio or video recording. It’s pretty common and beneficial if you own multiple microphones or webcams.

Bells & Whistles

In addition to making video recording simple, Loom can also make it enjoyable.

As you begin recording the video you could choose”Create Recording Canvas” or the “Create the recording canvas” option to make customized backgrounds or choose one of the numerous templates that are available.

I haven’t been able to use this feature all that often however I think it would assist in enhancing the content you create for your “boring” SaaS marketing content.

In addition, you could make the camera’s circle more attractive.

The top of the screen lets you view controls for blurring or change the background. Below, you’ll learn how to select an individual frame to make recording with your camera more entertaining.

Each of these options are accessible when you begin recording. My personal advice is to not use them in a b2b setting.

Loom is versatile and is able to be used in many different contexts that it makes lots of sense to allow you to adapt the style of recording you use to the specific context.

The recording experience

Making video recordings using Loom is quick and enjoyable when you are used to it.

Today, I start recording by using the designated keystroke (-|-L). A large countdown will be displayed on the screen, giving you time to prepare before recording begins.

The circle that has the camera overlay will always be evident on screen, and occasionally, it could cause obstructions. It’s not often, but it’s an issue of knowing where you’ll need to be interacting with the most and positioning the camera accordingly prior to pressing the recording button.

To end recording, I normally hit -. This is the quickest way. If you don’t, just click the loom icon in the status bar on your Mac. When you record the recording will stop immediately.

When you’ve finished the recording process, Loom will open a new tab in your browser that will display the video you recorded ready to share.

It’s incredibly quick when it is compared to Youtube or other sharing platforms that take an extended amount of time before video files are processed and available for download.

Video Editing Features

After your video has been recorded and you open the newly recorded Loom on your internet browser then you’ll be able execute the most commonly used videos editing tasks. Let’s go through them individually.

Audio Transcript

A transcript of your audio is automatically created shortly after the video has been broadcast.

I’m not a huge user of these functions. Whatever software I’m using, the match rate with my terrible English is rarely sufficient to warrant using it. Loom isn’t an exception as you will see in the picture above.

However, if you’re the help of a native English speaker the transcription is typically sufficient and you are able to quickly browse through it and quickly reach a particular part of the video, or even edit it to fix any mistakes.

The only thing I’d recommend is using the transcript to drive the internal Loom search. When you search for videos in your Loom account it appears to be based on the title of the video, its description and the comments. It does not include the transcript.

Video Editing

The most effective cutting feature for editing is the trimming. It appears familiar and easy to use to anyone who has worked with software for video editing before.

Drag and drop is a great way to make sure you can easily cut out off any empty areas either at the start or the end of your video videos.

You can also cut other portions in the film by pressing the split button, and creating sections of the video that can be removed later. It is extremely useful to fix any mistake that you may have made during recording, or to conceal any sensitive information that might have accidentally snuck into your entire screen. Of course, it is recommended to utilize My free blur-enhancing extension, ZeroBlur to stay clear of this.

In the end, Loom lets you edit your video in an easy manner that you’ll certainly appreciate. Well done.

Adding a Call to Action

Loom can also allow you to also add the Call to Action to your videos. You can also add a Call to Action to your.

It’s easy. You can modify the URL for the link as well as your text for the CTA choose a design for the button, and then customize colours.

CTA CTA is added in the entire video at the top of the right.

Sales teams will appreciate this feature when they use Loom to video-messaging with potential buyers.

For advanced users I would like to see it expand to include multiple CTAs in different parts of the video as well as the possibility of repositioning it in the player.

The ability to customize the thumbnails for video

Loom allows you to set the thumbnail of your video.

There’s nothing extraordinary There’s nothing extraordinary here. It is possible to upload your personal thumbnail, or choose to use the one that is automatically generated that by default, will be an attractive animated gif that is the initial few seconds of the video file.

It’s a good solution, but I would’ve loved to be able to choose a random part of the video and use for the background. It’s not an issue since I use Loom to block video calls, and I’ve didn’t feel the need to alter the thumbnail, as it is on Youtube for instance.

General Settings

In the end, you can adjust the manner in which people view as well as interact with the videos.

The options are simple. You can disable or enable comments, video replies and download of file formats for audio or video as well as branding of the video, etc. Some available options accessible within the version that is free even though it’s an extremely generous option.

The screen recorder What you should be aware of

It is important to be aware of one thing you should know about Loom’s screen recording tool: from the moment you begin recording, it’ll immediately stream and save your video on cloud storage.

What is the significance of this? One aspect is what can make Loom extremely fast. When you click stop the video will be ready to be shared, making the process extremely quick.

On the other hand this could become an issue in the event that you don’t have a speedy internet connection.

I’m fortunate to have an optical fiber 1Gb connection. I had no issues recording videos in 4K.

If you are using Loom using low-speed internet connections, it may not be able to upload videos in the highest quality or have videos not uploading completely. It’s not common, but it can occur.

Also, it means that you can’t utilize the screen recorder if you’re not online.

Loom offers frequent software updates and the company has a publicly available product panel available here. Offline recording is already asked for and it is being considered and hopefully will be available in the near future.

This drawback of the screen recorder isn’t an issue for the majority of Loom users, particularly the commercial users. However, it’s something that I needed to mention in a full Loom review.

Controlling and sharing videos

Once you’ve finished using the screen recorder and you’ve got your first few videos, let’s look at how you can manage them , and most important importantly sharing them with others.

Remember that the primary purpose to use Loom does not substitute video with large-scale distribution videos as well as live stream. Loom is, at its core an application to send video messages or create internal videos for training or educational purposes.

When it comes to UI The developers strive to keep it as tidy as they can. It’s not due to the absence of features. It’s about performing exceptionally well in fewer areas. They are able to deliver.

The interface is easy and easy to use.

Loom Video management

When you log into the account, you’ll be taken onto the primary dashboard, where you’ll immediately be able to view your videos that you have uploaded. The interface is an improved model from Dropbox as well as Google Drive:

It is possible to create folders in order to organize your videos and keep them all together.

In the left column, you are able to quickly change between your personal videos, videos that you share with you, as well as folders for your team.

It is also possible to quickly access archived and starred videos. I like the archive feature frequently since many of Looms I make are for fast communication and I’m not able to use the videos after they’ve been viewed from the receiving device.

You can instantly play any video, or copy to the clipboard sharing links. You can also choose multiple videos to run the same operation or use the three dots to perform each of the common actions such as duplicate, move, delete, etc.

Another thin and well-designed interface.

You can share your Loom videos

Loom offers a lot of powerful sharing options that resemble Google drive. You’ll feel as if you’ve been using for years from the first time you use them.

You can easily decide on the access controls for every video. If anyone is able to access your video, if they have a link or is it a requirement to be part of your organization or an integral part of the Loom team?

It is also possible to share it so that it will begin at a certain point in the video.

The best feature of Loom’s interface is that it has one click to copy a public sharable link to the clipboard. This allows everything to be very quick.

Under under the “Social” tab There are quick ways for sharing the videos across all of the most popular social networks. The video will, however, forward links to the official Loom page. To increase engagement, I’d suggest download the clip and sharing the video directly to your social media site.

Within”Embed” under the “Embed” tab, you can quickly download the thumbnail gif (useful to embed in email messages) as well as the HTML code that allows you to embed Looms on your site as well as an adjustable or fixed size player.

The video player

Screen recording on the fly is enjoyable as is the software made well. In the end, I had no issue with streaming video.

Due to how much I love Loom it has two aspects that I enjoyed.

The first can be described as the speed-control. I enjoy watching videos at 1.5x speed to watch an email from a colleague.

The second can be described as Picture In Picture. You can launch your Loom video within a tiny moving window that will always be above the other. It’s great for creating instructional videos.

This allows the user to continue to use the browser in the software he’s learning to use, while also keeping the video training running in the background and trying out the content he’s seen. Enjoy it.

In addition, viewers are able to immediately respond with emojis immediately to your video. You’ll be able see what part of the video they responded. It’s extremely useful, especially when seeking feedback on your video.

Video Statistics

As the person who created your video be able to access some interesting information about the video.

It’s not a huge deal, but they’re doing their job. You can check how many people viewed the video, the names of those who watched it registered with, and the typical time of watching and the reactions.

It’s not very detail-oriented, but, the fact is that Loom isn’t a video marketing platform similar to Wistia It’s more geared towards video messages, so this degree of detail is adequate enough.

One feature that you’ll be happy with If you’re using loom regularly as I do is the notifications of views to videos. If someone is watching the video, you’ll get an email or alert on your desktop.

Imagine the sales staff being able be aware when a potential customer is done watching a video, so that they can contact them immediately.

Personal experience I have had with Loom

It was a bit of a skeptic when I began to utilize Loom. I joined the free version and was convinced that I could test it and leave it soon, just like many of the other new tools I download.

I believe this is fairly typical among their customers. The idea isn’t exactly new or innovative. However, once you begin recording videos on the desktop application then sharing these with the colleagues… it’s likely that you’ll be hooked.

It’s more than just a video recording tool. It’s a paradigm shift in the way you handle communication with your employees, potential clients and clients. When you begin to implement it in your business you’ll be able to see the number of Zoom calls diminish and the amount of asynchronous communication increase. This will make your life at the remote more enjoyable.

Here are the most important reasons that led me to fall in love with Loom:

Processes documentation

I used to receive training calls each when I took on new employees or contractors. They were extremely repetitive and I was required repeated the exact thing.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a comprehensive video catalog that outlines every aspect of our business. When we welcome new employees, they can arrange their schedules in a manner that meets their needs. They can also look through the entire collection of recorded videos.

Another advantage is that, if someone doesn’t remember something, they are able to revisit the video at any time they’d like, rather than pinging me via Slack.

Making the same amount of content the form of a written wiki would take me months. With Loom I was able to capture all of it in under one week.

Content Briefs

I have always struggled with creating Content briefs to my copywriters. I found it boring and often I forgot to write something.

Each whenever a new blog article is scheduled, I’ll begin Loom’s screen recording program and write down my thoughts on the subject while perusing other relevant sources that the copywriter could immediately see on screen to refer back to in the future.

Software development

I’m constantly in contact with many developers to develop my own collection of free Marketing Tools.

A few of them do not speak fluently English And when I used Slack there were some misinterpretations concerning what I was asking them frequently. This was particularly true for work that involved UI.

Each time I encounter an issue or new feature to introduce I’ll simply make the Loom and then show them the features that are needed.

Here’s the reaction of Awesomic’s freelance designer to the very first Loom she received from me:

Marketing Videos

Although I’d prefer something more advanced to create quality Youtube video, Loom was my go-to. I was using Loom frequently to create simple explainer videos to post with my social networks using the free tool I have.

All in all on ProductHunt I’ve seen marketers making use of Loom to create video demonstrations of their software companies every day.

For the final part It was not long before I realized that Loom was now a crucial part of my workflow as well as an effective tool for collaboration with colleagues. This is when I made the decision to upgrade to an annual subscription, and I thought it was time to write an Loom review.

How much does Loom Cost? Loom Pricing

Let’s get to Loom’s pricing and plans. Luckily , they have a easy arrangement to pay for subscriptions.

The process begins by downloading The Free version. It’s sufficient to use for short-term usage.

You can invite up 50 “creators moderate” (users within your team who have limited ability to create) and make at least 25 minutes of video each with a max length of five minutes.

The Free version comes with an upper limit on video quality. The maximum quality of recording is 720p. It is sufficient for team collaboration.

The main reason I decided to update was five minutes time limit. In many instances, I had to record two videos in order to record my message. At $10, it’s an easy decision to upgrade.

The annual and monthly subscriptions are priced per user. I consider the price of $10 per user to be reasonable You can also invite as many members of your team you’d like to invite for free , as long as they do not require access to the whole features.

For my particular use and mine, all of my team members are into the “Creator light” bucket, which is free. I’m getting a lot of value at just $8 per month. You can also get 20% off on annual subscriptions. I signed up yearly and paid $96 for a whole year.

The paid plan is basically free of any limitation. You can enjoy 4K resolution unlimited videos and an unlimited duration… all the entire package.

Additionally, you can choose the Enterprise plan. Pricing is not available. The major distinctions in the terms of features pertain with One Sign On, priority support as well as Salesforce integration.

Should a Loom be included in your collection?

I’ll get straight to the main point Yes.

Cost is not a factor and the benefits are immense, regardless of the use case you choose to make.

You can add personal touches in your outreach to potential customers or collaborate with team members, establish an internal portal to use to train new employees or even record short promotional videos Loom is a great tool and provides a user-friendly interface that makes everything quick and enjoyable.

The software is updated frequently to improve the application or eliminate bugs (I’ve not found any so far) The roadmap is fascinating and each time I needed to get in touch with Loom, their customer service was quick and efficient in resolving my problems.

It’s not even logical to be comparing Loom against other recorders. It’s more than an instrument for recording screen. It’s a communications tool that all users will love and will embrace quickly.

It is also very compatible with the various apps I use. For everything from Notion up to GitHub or Upwork More and more tools are beginning to allow Loom embedded natively.

Try it. You’ll be grateful later.

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