World Of Warships Review 2022 – The Game You Should Be Playing In 2022

World Of Warships Review: WORLD OF WARSHIPS is a real-time multiplayer and a team-based online strategy naval warfare battle arena game where all the players control warships. Players command four types of mid-20th-century naval vessels — destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and carriers — to navigate the oceans, firing guns and torpedoes at enemy vessels.

World Of Warships Review 2022


World Of Warships Review 2022

As the name suggests, World Of Warships is an online battle arena game. As a user, you’re expected to play as a different nation in the game and try to defeat your enemies. This is all done via four-player battles where players battle it out on a 9×9-grid which is divided into sections for ships to fight.

How is the World Of Warships online battle arena game?

There are four different servers for the game, so you can find a group of players who share the same system language and are interested in playing. World Of Warships has over 40 naval vessels and battleships, including some that have never appeared in other such games.

All players start out with one ship, and each battle (tournaments and world events) starts with each player playing a single ship against one opponent.

World Of Warships Gameplay

One of the distinguishing features of World Of Warships is the visual side of the game, especially the fluid animation of the individual movements of each ship that keeps players hooked. That’s because the game has an almost 16-metre graphical image of each ship that means even a player has the ability to access a detailed look at each ship.

World Of Warships Review: Combat and Matchmaking

World Of Warships has 15 crew members including the game’s designer, artist, programmers and also a couple of voice actors. The combat systems are impressive with each ship having its own unique weapons, each type of ship gives players a totally different fighting experience.

World Of Warships Ships

Battleships and cruisers control huge naval fleets and do not take too much time to be taken into play. Destroyers are fast with a lot of torpedoes and other missiles. Battleships are not as fast as the destroyers, but can withstand more damage. Aircraft carriers have an easy time controlling their entire squadron and can attack multiple targets simultaneously.

Players have a choice of four primary colours for their ships with each type having additional sub-types of ships. Red is good against blue, yellow against white, orange against grey, and green against red. Sub-types in World Of Warships are destroyers, cruisers, and battleships. Each sub-type has its own benefits and playstyle.

destroyers are fast with heavy weaponry, heavy damage and less speed, but they have more armour.

World Of Warships Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch pits two teams of up to five players against each other and features simple gameplay elements with intense battles. The basics of this mode are:

Two teams of up to five players each attempt to destroy their opponents’ target without being hit themselves.

Each player has access to one weapon; you can fire your weapon at the opponent and move freely during the round. You will get a point if your target is destroyed or if you survive.

There is no item laying around, so the team that is able to destroy the enemy’s target first will win the round.

The second mode is King Of The Hill; it features similar gameplay to team deathmatch but the team that controls the point for a set amount of time will get the points for that period.

Destroy The Enemy Base

Following from World of Warships’ earlier variants, the most anticipated of all the sequels, is none other than World Of Warships 2.0. It is the most formidable and the most innovative, played out on the world’s largest internet servers. It was earlier called as Wargaming.World which made the original game popular amongst the young and the old alike. There have been some incremental changes on the gameplay of the game; however, they will not be enough to prove whether this game is more advanced than its predecessors or not.

This article primarily deals with the base aspect of the game, which is its most distinctive feature that creates the buzz around its debut. The battle itself is not to be taken lightly.

Conlcusion: World Of Warships Review 2022

It’s worth noting that World Of Warships is built on the immensely popular World Of Tanks’ maps and features same number of ships like in World Of Tanks. Although this is where we get confused since World Of Tanks was also based on the reality of the World War II scenario of ship warfare. So is World Of Warships just World Of Tanks ?

Not at all. This is a separate game with many more game modes and an extensive arsenal of weapons. Since World Of Tanks was also inspired by World War II era, many of its ships look the same or look extremely similar to real-life vessels. The first major difference is the hull armor and gun armament of each ship, especially destroyers.

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