CallPage Review 2022 | Is it Worth It?

CallPage Review 2022: The purpose of business is to earn money. However, they will only earn a profit when they can provide the products and services that the customer wants. If they are able to meet the needs the business will continue expanding. Sometimes they reach an age where they can begin the process of expanding their business. This is the moment when sales leads take on the role. Leads are the term used to describe new customers. If businesses don’t generate fresh leads they will begin to slow down.

Alongside profit, sales leads assist businesses in communicating with the growing number of customers. It gives the chance to establish contacts with more than potential customers. It keeps your company flexible and agile. In this competitive business world, it’s essential to get in touch with leads as quickly as you can. In order to stay ahead with the competition using an instrument that can help to make more leads and sales calls is a great assistance.

CallPage Review 2022


CallPage is an efficient Tool for Inbound Call Generation

Every visitor to your website is a possible client. Therefore, contact them before they go.

CallPage is a renowned callback tool that helps in turning your website’s users into happy customers. It provides a variety of cloud-based phone services which help businesses generate more sales and gain insight of sales call. It is a novel method of promoting your business by making calls.

Here’s how the CallBack feature can help by generating more leads and sales calls.

  • CallPage allows you to reach your potential customers in just 28 seconds
  • Additional 30 to 25% of leads when you call phones
  • Find as many deals as you possibly can.
  • Change your site’s visitors to HTML0 even after work hours.
  • Allow your customers to connect with your business via phone from any place
  • Review calls and gain insights into website behavior

After you’ve learned about the many benefits that CallPage offers, Let’s take a take a look at the components of CallPage in more detail.

Noteworthy CallPage Components

1. Dashboard

The dashboard of CallPage is loaded with useful information about the website.

The dashboard also shows overview charts using filters. It is possible to select from the dropdown menu to which stats you would like to look at and then sort it by hour or day. You can also select the month. It is possible to analyze the information, like the numbers of visitors, average duration of calls, percentage of calls that are successful and total number of calls, call status (for instance, the amount of calls that have been completed) and top scores (when you want to display your widget) the top 10 pages visited, conversions of visits/calls and much more , all in charts. But, you are able to alter the information displayed on the widget to meet the specifications of your business.

2. Leads

Based on your preferences You can design custom reports that track the phone calls. You can choose the filters that you are interested in and choose the information you’d like to be included in your leads list.

You can look through the complete call log here. From the caller ID to the date when the call was made and the call type as well as the state that the phone call was in (whether it was completed or not) and your lead’s telephone number, who made the call and where the call originated, who is the lead consultant and what was the time of the call. In addition, you are able to listen to the recorded call for the particular conversation.

It also allows you to modify the information on your leads. It allows you to add notes, tags, or calls to arrange the leads you have in a more efficient way. Additionally, you can check out the pages your prospects visit.

3. Widgets

One of the essential elements in CallPage can be found in the Widget. It can be completely customized. You can make an individual widget. Below are the features you can customize to your widget:

  • Consultants: Consultants are the individuals who answer the calls that are generated through the system of CallPage. They will only receive calls during the working hours. You can also set a priority for consultants. You can, however, disable or turn off the consultant’s choice for a specific widget.
  • Widget’s View You can select what you want to display on the screen that opens: upload the logo and background, pick the theme, and many more. You can then choose the text that will appear on the button, the message of the tooltip (it’s the text that appears when you hover your mouse on the widget) and an the eyecatcher (background to the widget). You can also pick one of the pre-designed templates for the identical widget. The advantage for the tooltip tooltip is the fact that it will remember the entry once it is made. Therefore, if the same number is entered you can see all of the relevant details.
  • Engagement The Engagement tag refers where you would like to place your widget: in the lower left corner, at the bottom or right-corner, or elsewhere on the site. The trigger selection is 24 that are available as well as the option to make a trigger from scratch. The trigger also offers the option of turning off or on the trigger pop-up on mobile devices.
  • calls: The program offers 3 call algorithm. At the same time, it calls all operators at the same time until one takes the call Sequence calls the operators on their line. The Random Sequence will call the users randomly.

After that, you can choose to select the busy mode according to your requirements; select the call direction , either consulting to clients or consultant to client as well as turn off or on recording and call duration. You can also alter the voice messages to your widget.

4. My Team

You can look up the details as well as the availability of your consultant. give them numbers, widgets and groups, and then set notifications for various options. You can also see their time zone as well as working days. This section lets you look at the complete list of your advisors in one spot. In addition, you will get an overview of which employees are scheduled to be absent and make plans to plan accordingly.

5. Integrations

CallPage integrates with various platforms. This helps you receive calls coming into the application. In addition options, you can integrate your CallPage application with Slack, Hubspot, various CRM platforms, and, most importantly, Facebook and Instagram Lead ads.

CallPage’s Callback widget is the WordPress plugin. This means that it is possible to install CallPage within a single click. Other platforms could simply take the code provided by CallPage and paste it onto their website. Additionally, you can use the widget’s URL wherever you like – include it into your email signature, or add it to your contact information.

It was founded in the year 2015 and CallPage is among the most popular platforms in the world for leads generated through inbound. It currently provides to its customers in 3 different languages that include English, Polish, and Portuguese. It also offers a knowledge base on the same.

So what do you think? Is CallPage worth the cost?

We hope that this guide given you a better understanding of the main distinctions between CallPage and its main rivals.

CallPage or Livecall both are fantastic tools for people who need a widget that can click-to-call to generate leads for your site.

It’s not a good idea to put the entire eggs of your business in the same basket and heavily rely on leads generated by inbound sources.

Novocall’s range of management tools will help you create both outbound and inbound leads.

Find out how Novocall can assist you in driving higher conversions start with us now.

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