ResellerClub India Review 2022: Pros, Cons & Features

ResellerClub India Review 2022: ResellerClub hosting is a one-stop shop for people seeking domain hosting and web hosting. It has everything you need to manage your site various kinds of services, such as Resellerclub cloud hosting as well as site builders and managed WordPress and extensions for security, email as well as backups.

Are you interested in knowing more about the benefits and drawbacks of this hosting? We’ve got you covered in our thorough ResellerClub host review.

ResellerClub India Review 2022


Resellerclub Hosting Pros & Cons

ResellerClub offers services to more than 200 000 customers in 150 countries. They also manage more than five million domains. ResellerClub is an ideal option for webmasters as well as those looking to begin reselling their business.

In this regard, ResellerClub provides turnkey websites, control panels with white labels along with account and order management software. Based on various ResellerClub reviews, we’ve listed the major positives and negatives of this company.

Packages that are competitively priced You can pick between two different control panels. You have the option of choosing from Linux and Windows DNS management featureThere isn’t a free domain name. There are no backups that are complimentary.

When to Use ResellerClub Hosting

Let’s look at the most important advantages first. ResellerClub provides a range of options and provides everything you require for your site: From SSL certificates to the content delivery networks with integrated caching. They also provide easy-to-use web templates that can be edited using drag-and-drop along with e-commerce capabilities, as well as website hosting (all of which come included with the cost).

ResellerClub also offers VPS plans dedicated servers, as well as managed server rentals for customers who feel that they have “overgrown” their existing plan.

When Not to Use ResellerClub

ResellerClub is a bit behind in terms of performance when compared with its rivals such as Hostinger as well as HostGator. If your site isn’t very resource-intensive, you can select this service due to its many plans, options for customization and features that are suitable for websites with different sizes.


ResellerClub provides the average of 99.97 percent, with a typical speed of response that is 386ms. In terms of performance, here’s how ResellerClub improves it.

ResellerClub Windows Shared Hosting is built on Plesk Onyx and a stable Windows version that provides the best performance for your site. ResellerClub makes use of modern hardware to guarantee security and reliability. In addition, every Windows Shared plan is optimized to maximize performance.

Your website can be improved in speed by as much as 1000% using CloudFlare’s service which caches your site’s contents and boosts speed of loading your pages for the intended audience.

ResellerClub Hosting Uptime Guarantee

ResellerClub assures 99.9 percent uptime. There’s not a description of this on their website. The feature is available in all of the packages. Shared VPS, reseller, and shared hosting include a 30-day guarantee of money-back. If you decide to cancel accounts within the first 30 days after having signed up for the plans and receive the full amount back.

ResellerClub Server Response Time

To assess the ResellerClub performance across different places, we’ve used an online speed-checker tool called Bitcatcha.

You can clearly see that it’s been rated A+ in performance This is a fantastic performance.

ResellerClub Website Migration

ResellerClub provides free website transfers. All you need to do is reach them the Account Manager of their company will handle the cPanel-to-cPanel site migration for you. It’s free!

Additionally, you can switch plans with Linux Shared Hosting through your own dashboard without technical expertise required.

ResellerClub Hosting Types, Features, and Pricing

ResellerClub is entirely developer- and user-friendly. You do not require any technical expertise to make use of this hosting. ResellerClub offers backups as part of the basic plans. They can backup your information, and you are able to request a restore up to 7 days.

If you require more sophisticated backup then you can get another backup service as an upgrade option. Let’s look at ResellerClub hosting packages and pricing in greater depth.

Shared Hosting

The sharing hosting comprises three packages: business, personal and professional. The shared hosting services are all of the highest performance due to their Intel-powered hardware that provides high-level power, reliability, as well as effectiveness.

They also provide a free C-Panel, so your website is really easy to manage and maintain. Their hosting is SNI-enabled, which means you can install an SSL certificate on your domains without purchasing a dedicated IP.

The Linux Shared web hosting has an installed Softaculus which includes more than 400 applications allow you to get online in one click. It works with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal as well as a variety of other CMSs that are popular.

Windows Shared Hosting

ResellerClub offers Windows hosting for all kinds of business. With their new Plesk Onyx panel, you can manage your sub-domains, files or archives, as well as use your email. Additionally, you can install a tools including forums, collaboration, and applications.

Each Windows plan is already optimized for performance and comes with SSH access so that you can execute commands, manage files and reliably operate your web hosting from a remote computer over an encrypted channel.

Reseller Hosting

If you choose Reseller Hosting You get the option of a free reseller account with a 30-day money-back guarantee. C-panel and WHM for free with basic email. In terms of security, ResellerClub offers hotlinks that are password-protected, folders with passwords, and leech security. If you decide to choose ResellerClub as your host provider.

In that case, you can upgrade to a free Domain and Hosting Reseller account and get access to industry best pricing for over 500 TLDs, hosting, and a free storefront to start selling domains.

CMS Hosting

ResellerClub offers CMS-based hosting that works with WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. All of it comes with simple administration, scalability, in case of increased traffic, automatic backups and security, as well as CMS updates.

Magento CMS hosting
You can manage multiple stores and websites with one administrator, design an experience that is personalized with different segments, show specific coupons and discounts, and segment customers by the area, gender, or location, as well as order record, lifetime purchase worth, items on your wishlist etc.

Drupal hosting provides you with an unlimited number of web development options Drag and drop edits, API integration and fast deployment. Take a look at the available packages for each kind of CMS.

ResellerClub Cloud Hosting Review

ResellerClub Cloud hosting packages include an unlocked cPanel account, so managing your website is simple. You’ll be able to keep track of and manage all your domains, email accounts and orders. Set up your Cloud Hosting plan within minutes and start enjoying your web site hosted on the cloud.

ResellerClub cloud hosting services handle any traffic spikes because of a virtualization layer with a separate CEPH storage cluster and upgradable CPU Core and RAM model. If one storage instance is rendered inaccessible, the other instances will serve the stored information due to 3N redundancy.


ResellerClub offers free SSL certificates that are powered by Comodo. It’s an excellent way to safeguard your personal information. The company offers the security feature for $11 to one-year contracts for $11, contingent on the type of verification and warranty required.

They employ a web security company called SiteLock that detects security holes and shields users from attacks by analyzing up to 2,500 sites for malware every day. They also utilize automated malware removal tools as well as high-end firewalls to safeguard the most sensitive information.

The plans include SiteLock’s Malware removal and scan as well as CodeGuard’s regular, automated cloud-based backup. You can be assured that your website will be safe from malware and spam.


ResellerClub offers 24/7 customer support via live chat or ticket. For support, access your dashboard and choose which subject you’d like to discuss. After that, you’ll be taken to live chat or the customer support page.

They also provide a variety of informational articles to help you find answers to your questions.

ResellerClub Hosting Quick Facts

Here is the conclusion from the short facts about the service.

Free featuresSSL Certificate, Plesk, unlimited email accounts, backups and customer assistance
Control PanelC-Panel
Email accountsUnlimited
The hidden costs and clausesThe money-back-guarantee-guarantee policy doesn’t apply to dedicated servers.

ResellerClub Hosting Review: Do We Recommend It?

Yes, we’d highly recommend this in the ResellerClub. Com review. They offer plenty of options for customization and offer a range of packages and options. They offer an above-average 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, as well as 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email. In addition, ResellerClub hosting ranking is very high.

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